Hi Internet, it’s me.

Welcome to the life of a thrifty glam vegan. I wanted to start a blog and I decided that I wanted it to be about a few of my favorite things: makeup and food. A few months ago, I decided that it was time for me to transition into a plant-based diet and start shopping for exclusively cruelty-free makeup and well… that’s where this blog comes along. I’m a college student that is determined to help save the animals, eat delicious food and look glamorous while keeping a couple bucks in my pocket.

Many people think being vegan is so expensive when it’s really not and they think it’s super hard but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s not forget that meat is one of the more expensive items at the grocery store. And for you makeup junkies out there, chances are some of your favorite brands are already cruelty-free and you don’t even know it. Just check your local drugstore and you’ll find vegan products!

Before I get too ahead of myself… hi I’m Ayse (pronounced: Aysha). I’m a senior in college and I’ve been obsessed with makeup for several years now. I always wanted to start a makeup related blog but I always thought I needed something more. A few months ago I decided to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan and it not only changed my eating habits but also the way I shop for makeup. So here we are. Enjoy!


Stay Beautiful,

Ayse 💋


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