Contour at the Drugstore: NYX vs. Wet n Wild

Hi Internet it’s me.

Today I wanted to talk about some affordable products I use to contour. I’ve been using the NYX contour palette for a while and I loved it. But recently, Wet n Wild came out with their version of contouring palettes and I’m obsessed. They are ridiculously pigmented and super affordable but there are pros and cons to both brands.

The NYX one has a lot of different color selections for many skin tones, while Wet n Wild only has two split pans that they sell. The NYX one also has two shimmery highlight shades while Wet n Wild does not (they do offer a separate highlighting palette). The NYX palette retails for $25.00 while the Wet n Wild ones are $4.99 each.


Personally, I like the quality of the Wet n Wild ones better. I think they feel creamier and they have so much more pigment. They also blend really well and it’s hard to believe it only costs $4.99. However, the NYX one is not bad but I do think that it’s a little more powdery and a little harder to blend. I find myself reaching for the Wet n Wild one more but the NYX palette is nice to have especially since it’s one big palette and would be perfect for a makeup artist’s kit. I love both of these brands but Wet n Wild wins the battle this time!

Stay beautiful,


Song of the day: Mercy by Shawn Mendes


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