Why I went vegan.

Hi Internet, it’s me.

So today I wanted to write about how this whole journey started for me. It was only until recently that I decided to make this choice. I’ve always loved animals but I never put a face to the meat on my plate because it was just food to me. I was also never really into meat except chicken, but that soon changed.

Then I took a class in college last semester (Spring 2016) and read an article about a Holocaust survivor whose struggles made him realize he didn’t want to eat meat anymore. He explained how he felt selfish killing another living thing just for his own pleasure. It really stuck with me and made me feel like I should do that same. That’s when I started to see the life behind the food I ate.

So I became a vegetarian and I realized I didn’t even miss meat. I started talking about the idea of becoming vegan but I thought it would be impossible. I was clearly wrong. I watched a few videos on YouTube about being vegan and I felt that being vegetarian wasn’t good enough personally.  I watched a few other talks about it and did my own research and  I knew that I had to go vegan.

Is being vegan hard? Not as much as you think. Once you do your research and see the positive effects, it’s not something I miss. The only thing I find tricky is going to certain restaurants where it’s a little harder. It’s also hard to pass up baked goods and pastries but then I just have to remember that there’s so many vegan options out there for me.

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Choosing to be vegan is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m super happy. Regardless of what anyone tells me, I don’t think I’ll change my mind and I love this lifestyle.

Stay beautiful,


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