First Impression: Carli Bybel Palette

Hi Internet, it’s me.

This past weekend, a package I was anxiously awaiting for finally arrived: the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette. I’ve been eyeing this palette for a while but I didn’t know if I should go through with purchasing it because I have a serious spending problem when it comes to eye shadow palettes and highlighters. I justified the purchase by looking at the price tag… it was only $14.50! That’s practically a steal when you see what’s inside.

The palette has 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters but realistically, you can use the highlighters as eyeshadows and vice versa. All of the colors are neutral and mostly warm toned. It’s perfect for beginners that don’t want to take too many risks with bright colors. It’s also ideal for traveling because it has all of your basic shades that can help you create a variety of looks. I will say that if you already have a lot of neutral palettes, you might not need this palette but if you’re a junkie like me… you NEED this palette.The highlighter shades are also a huge bonus because they come with a variety of different shades. No matter what skin tone you are, there’s an color option that can help you achieve that glow.


Quality wise, these shades are so pigmented. It’s hard to believe the color payoff is that good with a price that low. The shimmery and matte shades are both evenly pigmented and haven’t showed any patches. I applied them for the first time today and noticed that they blend very smoothly. The matte shades impressed me the most because I know that it’s hard to find creamy matte eyeshadows for an affordable price. So far, all of these colors have passed the test for me.

Another thing I love about this palette is I know that it comes from a company that is completely cruelty-free and a blogger that has recently transitioned into the vegan lifestyle. The brands website even has a page with all of their vegan products so it makes it super easy to shop! Carli has also talked about going vegan on her YouTube channel and it’s so cool to see, especially since she has such a big following. Fun fact: when she first posted about going vegan, I was going through my transition as well and it gave me an even bigger push to change my lifestyle… and here I am today.

Anyways, hope this first impression review was helpful if you were thinking about buying this palette. Enjoy!

Stay beautiful,


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