Vegan in NYC: Cinnamon Snail and Red Bamboo

Hi Internet, it’s me.

Being a North Jersey native, going to Manhattan is something I do often. This past week, I went twice. Once was for the Troye Sivan concert at Terminal 5 and that other was to celebrate my friend’s 19th birthday (hi Aurpita if you’re reading this). This also means that I got to try two new vegan places and they were both didn’t dissappoint.

The first place I went to was Cinnamon Snail, which was a food truck the originated in Red Bank, New Jersey. They’re located at the Pennsy which is bar and food court type of location perfect for people going to see a show or game at Madison Square Garden. Anyway, they have a variety of different sandwiches, bowls and donuts.

I ordered the Beastmode Burger Deluxe which had BBQ sauce, jalapeno mac and cheese, smoked chili coconut bacon and chipotle mayo. It was maybe my favorite vegan burger I’ve had yet. It was a little spicy but I love spicy food so it definitely wasn’t a problem for me. I also got  raspberry cheesecake donut that was delicious.

The restaurant I went to later that week was a place called Red Bamboo. It’s a small restaurant located on W 4th St right by Washington Square Park. They offer a wide range of vegan comfort food that has Southern and Asian style cooking. Before going, I looked at the menu but I was so overwhelmed because every option sounded delicious.

One of my friends and I decided to get two appetizers and split them, so we ordered popcorn shrimp that came with sriacha mayo and barbecue buffalo wings that came with homemade ranch. The “shrimp” tasted exactly like regular shrimp that it was confusing and it was on point. The “wings” looked and tasted like chicken and they even put a wooden stick in it to resemble a bone. It was really good even though I personally didn’t like the stick because I’ve always preferred “boneless,” (ha!).

I was already pretty full but I got the soul “chicken” sandwich and added guacamole, daiya cheese and tempeh bacon to it. It tasted wonderful and it was probably the size of my face. I couldn’t finish it but DAMN was it tasty. I decided to take home a slice of peanut butter cup cheesecake because I really wanted to try their desserts but there was no was I was eating anymore at the restaurant. When I ate it later, my sweet tooth was more than satisfied. The chocolate on top of the cake was unreal and my tastebuds were singing. I can’t wait to go back and try something new.

But I will say that one of my friends ordered the spicy chicken and broccoli and she didn’t like it. I tasted it and something about the sauce or one of the spices they used for the chicken threw me off. I probably won’t get that for myself next time, but I was very content with my own order.

If you’re from New York City area, you HAVE to try these two places. They’re reasonably priced and offer the some of the best plant-based food I’ve tried. Although, after this week of constantly eating out… I think it’s time for me to take a break. My broke college kid pocket is crying a little.

Anyway, I hope you liked this little review. Don’t forget to check out my social media links on the side!

Stay beautiful,


Song of the day: Power by Little Mix (their whole new album is currently giving me life.)


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